Jae-Hee Chang

– Chercheuse, Organisation internationale du Travail

Ms. Jae-Hee Chang works with a global team of professionals who form the link between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and its employer constituencies in seeking to ensure that business priorities are reflected in global policy making on social and labour issues. Jae-Hee’s main area of work includes providing technical support to employer and business membership organizations in service and policy development in areas such as skills, non-discrimination, women in business and management, conflict and disaster, economic integration, enterprise development and on wider labour market issues, such as the future of work and technological impact on jobs. She is a joint author of ILO reports such as Enterprise creation, employment and decent work: The role of employer and business membership organizations in Asia (2016), ASEAN in transformation: How technology is changing jobs and enterprises (2016), Women in business and Management: The business case for change (2019) amongst others.  Jae-Hee holds a masters’ degree in management from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a bachelor’s degree in business economics from UCLA.